Whose Song are You Dancing to?

Whose Song are You Dancing to?

It was a beautiful wedding.

The bride was radiant.  The groom was handsome.  The flower girl carefully, and charmingly, placed each petal on the floor of the aisle to the altar.  And after the vows had been taken and the kiss had sealed the deal, we gathered at the reception to celebrate.

We cheered as the bride and groom swept in as husband and wife and made their way to the dance floor, but before they began, the bride made an unusual announcement.  The song that they would dance to was recorded by a very special group of people. Her school music class wanted to be a part of their teacher’s special day, so they recorded this love song for her first dance with her new husband.

As the music wafted onto the dance floor and washed over us, the children’s voices rose pure and clear:

“Tomorrow morning if you wake up  and the sun does not appear … I will be here.

As sure as seasons were made for change, our lifetimes were made for these years.  So I will be here.”

And they danced to a serenade sung by people who loved them.

They danced to music made by  love.

And we all stood, teary eyed, as witnesses to a dance of joy.

We should all be dancing to the of voices of those who love us.

Our lives are filled with beliefs and and judgments that affect how we see ourselves, and how we “dance” each day.   We can allow the opinions of others determine our self-worth, or sometimes it’s our own voice we trip over  when we find it difficult to forgive ourselves and move past our mistakes.

But there is One voice that is True and we can believe what He says about us:

“Those mistakes you made?  I don’t even remember them.”

“Those wounds from others?   I can heal and restore you so completely that there is no trace of bitterness in you.”

“There’s nothing you can do to keep Me from loving you.”

Love changes us.  It gives us hope.  It’s safety when we fall.  It encourages us to move forward,  and reminds us who we are.

Listen to the One who Loves you say:

“I will rejoice over you with singing”,  and dance with joy as the voice of Love sings!

Whose song are you dancing to?

I will be Here

Scripture references – Psalm 103:12; Joel 2:22; Romans 8:35-39; Zephaniah 3:17

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